Wasn’t I the person to state in my previous article hating trends (and so, hating to follow them either)? Myeah. But sometimes it is hard not to participate in the fashion victim game: without really overthinking it, you can bump into a really nice item during a virtual window shopping on a famous e-commerce website. And for me, that item was a typical ugly sneaker – the ones that are so ‘in’ right now, such as the Balenciaga dad sneaker that literally every online influencer has on his or her feet as we speak.

I was investigating the pillow bag of Maison Margiela on the world wide web (I have seen a gorgeous piece of that bag in red in real life at the Dover Street Market store in London and wanted to get to know more about the available colours) and discovered another interesting piece along the way. A silver-coloured sneaker, straight from the latest runway show of the brand, which you can pre-order and buy for half of the price (a sort of deposit in advance) so it can be shipped around the estimated time of July 30 – October 30 2018 (!), which is a really fashion victim thing to do. But maybe this sneaker is worth my time and money.

mm sneaker1                                                     mmsneaker2
© Moda Operandi

Maison Margiela is a special brand and that is even an understatement. It is cult and cult brands as a rule never go out of fashion. So it is a save choice to, let’s say, buy a Tabi boot and never get rid of them (I actually consider buying a pair of boots in a near or later future). The Tabi boot was featured in the first show of Martin Margiela himself in 1988 and since then repeated and re-imagined season after season. The boot is considered the most famous item of the brand.

margiela boot
© Matches Fashion

tabi boot 3
© Dazed

The timelessness of the Tabi boot makes for a unique situation in a current fashion landscape dominated by fleeeting trends.

mm sneaker 3       mm sneaker 4

Sneakers come and go but the Tabi will remain forever? Sounds logical, but by underscoring the timelessness of the brand Margiela itself, I’m trying to find a way of approving of my fashion hunger for this particular sneaker. In the end, fashion victims don’t live that much by the rules of time.