Forget Supreme. There’s an alternative for the overhyped, megalomaniac, American streetwear brand. Its name is Andrea Crews, Paris-based and sustainable. Meet our new fashion crush.

I never quite got the hype for Supreme. That’s because it’s just not my thing so don’t judge me for being subjective (fashion is all about subjectivism, so who cares about that anyway). Supreme is hot because it gets the consumer buying. The brand has a lot of different annual ‘drops’ where it presents new styles to its loyal customers who buy all these new T-shirts and sweaters they actually don’t need. In that way Supreme is basically just a part of the enormous consummation industry, which doesn’t create a sustainable mindset through the consumer at all.

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Andrea Crews is different, and therefore an atypical streetwear brand – Nike and Adidas for example still do most of their production in far-flung countries and are major brands that invest millions of dollars into advertising campaigns to put their newest sneakers as good as possible in the market. Maroussia Rebecq, founder of Andrea Crews, and her team do all the creation and production process inside France. The collections are the result of upcycling, a sustainable process in which used materials and garments are given a new life. It’s more creative than recycling, with astounding, new designs as a result.

The clothes are for both men and women, often unisex, with eye-catching prints or monochrome colours with striking words such as ‘work’ or ‘en grève’, and one of the most important things: with sustainable denim! (You can’t imagine how much water is used to create a cotton-made denim pants. A LOT). A brand to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new pair of jeans.

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