Stella McCartney released a new ad campaign with an accompanying video for its fall 2017 women’s collection. The setting? A place abundant with things that some time ago – we never recall the exact time – we’ve decided we don’t need no longer. A place also known as a dirty looking (and probably bad smelling) landfill. Those so-called ‘things’ – clothes we didn’t even take the time to cherish – have become trash, and in that way irrelevant enough to consider them as disposable items, to never be seen again. Or wait… They are never really gone.

stella 2

I don’t even want to imagine how many things become trash in such a short notice of time, and how fast people decide to ‘dismiss’ their clothes as if they were annoying intruders of whom you want to get rid of as soon as possible, to make place for new clothes that are considered at that time more trendy and suitable for their style. As everyone knows, trends come and go, but the endless amount of clothes that are sacrificed for our daily fashion caprices don’t just disappear. And not all clothes go to charity shops, there are just too much of them to get used for a new purpose.

stella 3

I hope Stella McCartney’s ad campaign gets a lot of coverage on editorial pages of internationally renowned fashion magazines, so in that way the consumer will finally open his/her eyes and see what ugly consequences their own consummation habits have. Let’s hope!

All images © Stella McCartney