It’s the beginning of June. Spring has definitely said goodbye and it’s time to move on with warmer temperatures. And warm it was inside the venue for the Antwerp 2017 fashion show – namely the graduation show of the students at the fashion department of the Antwerp school of arts. Cécile went to see the master collections. A lot of deconstruction, girly ruffles and genderless clothing, but most of all collections with a lot of youthful optimism and fun. Here’s a little recap of the lovely night.

© Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Before I even entered the venue for the show, I saw Walter Van Beirendonck, very clearly, in all his greatness (literally). He is like a big fashion monster, in a good way. He just has some physical features that cannot let anyone unmoved. So I was glad I could see this familiar fashion face in real life.

© Easy Fashion Paris 

It was hot inside, but that didn’t prevent me from looking carefully to each and every collection. At least, I tried to do that in the best way possible. Every fashion show goes too fast, even if the models go by a few times (which was the case here), there will always be some missed details, little things that don’t strike to you as much as they should do.

There were a lot of contemporary references in the collections. Deconstruction is still something that plays a big part in how clothing is perceived. And I’m still learning that deconstruction can be very varied, which I could experience with my own eyes during the show: a youthful, romanticised Jacquemus-way or a very natural, organic way in which you can clearly see the different parts of a clothing piece, almost only held together by needle and thread. And so on.

The idea of genderless clothing was present as well. An idea that is commercially very viable nowadays, but it’s also a beautiful idea with striking clothes as a result – men and women can wear the same clothes without being judged, just let it happen as it is and let every wearer be free.

But most of all: the collections were fun to watch, never to heavy with meaning but always with a light touch. There was place for frivolity, in the form of colourful ruffles or funny details.

                                   IMG_3728    IMG_3762

                                   IMG_3777    IMG_3781

                                   IMG_3775    IMG_3773

What will the future bring for these master students? Who knows? It’s not important at this moment. Let us live in the moment and seize the day.

Discover more about the master students and their work here.

All blurry catwalk photo’s by me